Garage Door Keypad Repair in Keller, TX.

Is Your Garage Door Keypad Broken?

Garage Door Keypads: A History

Way back in 1972, most car owners usually forgot to bring their key to their garage. There are also times that they lost their keys and they are really having a hard time getting into their garage. This is where garage door keypads get really handy. If in case you do not have the key to your garage, you can just simply input the code you set on your garage door keypad and you can now open and enter in your garage.

The Little Wonders of Technology

The original garage door keypad was wired directly to the garage door opener and it can’t still open the garage door unless you have the key. It used to be easy to break this kind of lock. All you had to do was to cause shortage to the wires to activate the door.

Eventually, with advancements in technology, garage door keypad is now using a mounted touchpad that resembles the buttons on digital phones. Any family member with the combination can now have access to use the garage door. Even though this was more convenient than the keyed garage door keypad method, it still had its own security concerns that needed to be fixed.

Garage Door Keypads We Know Today

As technology continues to make improvements, security has been built into these devices. Garage door keypads are now wireless. Shorting the wires is now useless because you can’t still open it that way. We have taken great improvements in garage door keypads with the help of our expert technicians at Keller Garage & Overhead Doors. 

You can now get a programmable garage door keypad that allows you to open your garage door by inputting the combination. You can also share the combination code to anyone in your household who might be needing it. There are also some garage door keypads which use fingerprints to access it. We can also install and repair them at Keller Garage & Overhead Doors.

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