These are the basics you should know about garage doors sizes

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Garage Doors Sizes

Garages are an essential part of any new home. Your garage is more than a place to park your car.

Garage doors are essential in all cases.

About Standard Garage Door Sizes

These are standard sizes for garage doors:

Single-car garage doors are usually eight feet wide by seven feet high, or nine feet wide by seven feet tall. A double garage doors measures sixteen feet by seven inches.

Garage doors are available in a variety of dimensions. While most three-car garages measure 22 feet by 32 inches.

Garage doors are designed for custom homes. These doors can be up to a foot taller than regular doors.

Garage doors can be up to nine feet wide and eight feet high for custom homes. Double-garage doors are usually sixteen feet by eighteen feet.

How To Measure Garage Doors

Measure your garage door opening height and width.

Make sure you measure within the garage and not outside. This is the distance between the ceiling and the door opening.

Measure the distance between garage walls and garage doors.

How do you choose the best garage door?

How can you choose the right garage door for you? The next step is to determine the cost of the garage door so that you can make an informed decision about its size. Contact your nearest Hermosa Beach Garage Door Repair now.

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